Unlock the game-changing mindset of successful engineers

Are you stuck in your tech career? Tired of learning technology after technology? Want to grow but don't know how? Want to learn how to work better with others? Want to work at peak efficiency but don't know how to start? Want to work on more exciting projects? Want to get the mindset of the engineers at top companies?

Here's the perfect solution to stand out and fast track your tech career!

Learn from an ex-Facebook tech-lead!

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Everyone is getting into software engineering these days. COVID and remote work allowed companies to leverage the global talent pool. The talent game will be played on the global market and the local markets will become less and less relevant. To be successfull in this new reality, you need to stand out and fast track your career and growth!

Postponing your growth will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout your career!

All engineers can use the same languages and tools. But what sets exceptionals engineers apart is the mindset and the soft skills such as collaboration, communication, technical leadership, strategic thinking, pragmatism, continous learning, data-driven development, and many others.

Successful engineers think in terms of money earned or money saved for the company. Successful engineers think as if it's their company and they are directly responsible for its success! They measure everything they do and take decisions based on the data. They create value for the business; code and technology is just the means to do it.

You too can get this new mindset and learn the soft skills and tech-skills needed to grow like this! You will learn right away how to make technology work for you and not against you. You learn from an ex-Facebook tech-lead with more than 10+ years of professional experience. I participated and led lots of projects, mentored a lot of engineers and I was always obssesed about improving myself and the people around me so that we could deliver our best quality work.

This is the kind of book I wish I read early in my career. That's why I wrote it!

This ebook will help you

Turn into a global problem solver that goes beyond writing code

Learn to measure everything and take data-driven decisions properly

Prevent duplicate work issues, technical debt, and overengineering

Grow teams to have full work ownership and work towards a common goal

Focus on core engineering principles instead of frameworks or technologies

Think strategically and create short and long term plans for your projects

Engage in a constant state of improvement and automation

Grow and stand out in your company or interviews

The book is clear, concise and offers actionable information you can implement right away.

PDF & ePub formats available

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About the author

My name is Mihai-Valentin Curelea and I am an ex-Facebook Tech Lead with more than 10+ years of experience in the industry.

I worked at probably the largest scale in the world. I lead initiatives and projects across multiple teams, focusing on results and impact. I mentored and helped the growth of a large number of engineers and teams to perform at maximum efficiency from technical, collaboration, mindset point of view.

You can contact me via LinkedIn here

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PDF & ePub formats available

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